For over 35 years I have worked in the animal training and care industry. From training dolphins for shows and education to horses for therapy and trail riding. I have been specializing full time in family pet dog training since 1999.

Over the years there has been many different ways that are espoused as the ‘only’ way to train in order to have the animal ‘listen’ and ‘obey’ you. I have given due thought and diligence to these different methods. I take from each system of thought what I consider to be helpful based upon the following criteria: What ensures a continuing relationship based on clear and humane communications.

I discard a training method or technique that is not based on compassion and loving kindness.

As a professional I place a unique emphasis on the pet’s environment. My personal studies have encompassed countless workshops and courses that aim towards a scientific approach and training technique that is humane and gains results based on the animal’s willingness to learn.

I work to create a plan of training for the owner to be able to use that is simple. Above all I seek to arrive at a level that allows the owner the opportunity to understand how to communicate with their own pet, whether it is through play, simple training or observing.

As dog training is not a nationally recognized or standardized industry, anyone can claim the title of dog trainer. In an attempt to regulate the industry there exists numerous organizations that encourage education and certifications. There are also well know trainers who have developed well thought out educational programs and academies.

I have attended seminars and tele-courses and interned at different facilities. I have felt it is easy to train an animal as most animals seek to understand and they are hard wired to survive! However the choice of how to train rests with the trainer or pet owner. My personal belief is understanding the animal behavior and treating the animal with kindness and respect goes a long way to helping in the training process, not only with the animal but more importantly with the owner.

I founded Taos’s first non kennel dog training and boarding facility. I explored how the environment played an important role on the animals, that is, shaping their behavior. My early experimentation included building tunnels and angles into the play areas. I discovered my Circle® Training method by creating a small round pen to help me with strong dogs that needed to be worked together.

Today at my second facility in Alabama I have developed further the Circle® Training by adding different environmental influences from trees to solid fencing.

I continue to learn and enjoy working with many dogs and horses and their owners with the goal of training through compassion, kindness and clear communication.

Jane Gerard has re-located to Taos, New Mexico. Please contact Jane via email at or phone at 256-627-6897 for dog training and group classes. You may also find me working at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter. Please come in and say hi and volunteer!

Jane Gerard is a Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed.