All training is done through positive reinforcement: a hands-off approach.

Specialized Training fee is determined case-by-case. Please contact Jane for any additional information.

Specialized Training

A training program to address negative behaviors such as fear, aggression, timidity, over-anxiety, not coming, biting, barking, car chasing, and rehabilitation programs for feral dogs.

Other types of training available...
- Target Training
Touching the dog with the object it is afraid of (e.g., an open hand) while reinforcing with food using the other hand, helps replace negative memory with positive reinforcement. Target training is a common, valuable tool used in training exotic animals. Jane employed this method with sea lions and dolphins in order to habituate them to human contact.

- Leadless Training
No leash training. A more advanced form of training your dog without contact. Use of verbal commands and hand signals are applied.

- Medical Behavior Training
To aid pets that are stressed at the vets! Gentle incremental training steps are initiated to habituate your pets--dog, horse, cat, bird, to basic medical behavioral training: with patient, gentle training, even mouth opening is possible. procedures such as opening the mouth to accept medication willingly, allowing toe nails to be clipped, or hooves to be filed, eyes and ears examined routinely with the result of minimum stress to the pet.