Think outside the box!

Part of specialized training programs and daycare.

Circle® Training wins third place in The Big Idea Audition,
an annual event held in the Shoals area for entrepreneurs.

Teaching to "come" and follow without a leash

Teaches dogs how to socialize, including playing "tag"

Teaching to sit at a distance

Please watch the video below and look at the JaneTrains Facebook page for some ideas around training and having fun with your dog in the backyard. By thinking a little differently about our dog’s at-home environment, you can be innovative and creative and think of different things you can do for your dog in the back yard! You can make tunnels or jumps, little cubby holes inside the inner circle and have the outer circle as the running ring, or the training ring. Remember, train don’t restrain.

Jane Gerard has been developing this environmental influenced training technique since 2006. The program is registered and trademarked by Jane Gerard.