Daycare is the best socialization option for your pet.
Available each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fee $20 per doggie day care.

Through play with each other, dogs learn. Puppies need to learn these essential
social skills at a young age in order to be well behaved adult dogs. Socialization
means your dog will know how to behave in the park, or with other dogs whether they
are behind a fence or loose. It is an invaluable experience!

Daycare requires at least four Basic Training lessons to have been completed.

***A 24 hour cancellation notice MUST be given in the event that you are not able to drop off for a schedule daycare day.

A review about daycare from one of Jane's clients: Puppy Day Care at JaneTrains has been the best thing for my 6-month old golden retriever Major. He socializes with other doggies and has learned the social behaviors that improve his manners at home. He no longer has that puppy-nipping tendency. As he sleeps soundly after visiting with Jane, we know it's the best money that we've spent all week. - Bobbi Lou Leigh