The rescue horse has special nutritional and handling needs. Inhumanely treated horses may kick, be afraid of people, prone to charge, and head shy. Workshops are designed to demonstrate how to handle the mother and foal--gently and progressivley, lifting legs, tapping hooves, walking around the hind quarters, and doing halter work. If a horse is suffering from trauma and lack of trust, the work of bringing the horse back to accepting a human is time consuming and labor intensive. Please contact Jane for further details on how your horse can be rehabilitated.

Jane Gerard is an EAGALA Certified Professional. With 4,500 members in 50 nations, EAGALA Certified Professionals help people change their lives by practicing The EAGALA Model: The Global Standard for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development. EAGALA Certified Professionals complete a rigorous training program, commit to evidence-based client solutions, utilize an exclusive team approach and operate with a strong code of ethics.