Puppy Day Care at JaneTrains has been the best thing for my 6-month old golden retriever Major. He socializes with other doggies and has learned the social behaviors that improve his manners at home. He no longer has that puppy-nipping tendency. As he sleeps soundly after visiting with Jane, we know it's the best money that we've spent all week. - Bobbi Lou Leigh

"Jane Gerard has trained dogs for our organization (Four Corners Animal League) and has successfully socialized dogs that would have been euthanized by other organizations. She is amazing in her work and we have taken video of her training (below). We all have learned many training techniques from her that will help our foster dogs and domestic animals - most importantly she has trained the people to understand the animal and behavior issues" - Pennie Wardlow, Founder and President

Jane works very well with with our foals, helping to expose them to some of the things that they may experience out in the world once they leave our grounds. She does not use a “cookie-cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” approach. - Yvette Collin

At the time I met Jane, my then wife and I had a pet store. We quickly learned that a big part of our business was working with people to work with their animals. We also met many self proclaimed "dog whisperers" and others who said they could train or help people train or correct an issue. Most were not what they represented. Jane Gerard however is the real deal. Her instincts on reading a situation is remarkable when it comes to behavior issues with both people and their pets. - Larry Naples