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Client Says:

Jane has unique insight into animal behavior because she has worked with so many different kinds of animals. Her non-aggressive style is a proven winner with Duncan, our black lab puppy, and our entire family including our 10-year-old daughter. Jane has been so great with Duncan, we have asked her to help us train our horse. She has been a blessing to our family.

Kelly & Charlie Howser

Puppy Day Care at JaneTrains has been the best thing for my 6-month old golden retriever Major. He socializes with other doggies and has learned the social behaviors that improve his manners at home. He no longer has that puppy-nipping tendency. As he sleeps soundly after visiting with Jane, we know it's the best money that we've spent all week.

Bobbi Lou Leigh

At the time I met Jane, my then wife and I had a pet store. We quickly learned that a big part of our business was working with people to work with their animals. We also met many self proclaimed "dog whisperers" and others who said they could train or help people train or correct an issue. Most were not what they represented.  Jane Gerard however is the real deal. Her instincts on reading a situation is remarkable when it comes to behavior issues with both people and their pets. We miss her in Taos. We know that wherever she goes she will be an asset to those around her including whatever animal she is working with, be it a parrot, dog, dolphin or human.

Larry Napes, President, Valverde Energy Inc.


Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Animal Behavior Management Alliance


dog boarding : dogs arriving for dog vacation at the ranch

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A 4-minute video of Jane Gerard training dogs, children and horses--Animal CPR: Caring Practically and Responsibly for our Animals.

2015 Schedule

TAOS, NM Workshops: APRIL is now full.

AUGUST in TAOS is next Workshop. Please email for details.

Are you overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice on how to manage your dog? Do you want the very best for your dog but do not know where to start? In my three day workshop we will learn dog behavior and what motivates her. What are the tools and techniques and how to apply them. We will gain practical experience playing and training with our dogs off and on leash and in a group. You will learn the skills needed that will help you whether you are a pet owner, or a rescue organization.

When: April 10th - 12th.

Where: Taos, NM

To register please email  Spaces are limited to 10.

April 7-April 15 &

August 14-September 15.

Dog training & consulting is available via Skype and phone when I am on the road.

Jane recommends:

the front attachment harness, the SENSE-ible™.

To order a harness email

For dog books, training DVDs and toys

Getting Started Clicker Training for Dogs Kit

Karen Pryor Clicker Gear Store

Phone Consult:

If you have questions-

What to do when another dog approaches? Is it safe for them to play? How to develop good manners with children and visitors. Call 256.712.5170. (The office landline does not accept text messages; leave voice messages only.) Half-hour consult is $15.00.

Cancellation Policy:

24-Hour Notice

If 24-hour notice is not given these fees apply: training fee $35.00, boarding fee non-refundable deposit.

Welcome to JaneTrains in Florence, Alabama

specialized dog training and horse training by Jane Gerard. Services include: board and train, family pet consultations, day care and rehabilitation of the Mustang--America's native horse. Offering over 30 years of professional animal training and managementCPDT-KA Jane is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a member of the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science (SPARCS).

Contact Jane at 256.712.5170

(The office landline does not accept text messages; leave voice messages only.)

or, Email

dog boarding at JaneTrains | dogs running and playing

Dog Boarding

Play by day and retire at night to climate-controlled dog facility with indivual doggie stalls for your dog.
The alternative to kennels.

Dog Training

Basic obedience—good manners with children and visitors and how to read your dog.

Specialized training—such as your rescue dog that may need extra care, attention, and nutrition; what equipment to use, safety and good manners around other dogs, children and livestock.


Rehabilitative Work forhorse rescues in pasture at JaneTrains Rescue Horses

Rescued horses require a slow, soft approach to foster trust and confidence. Additional emphasis for the therapy horse owner, rescue organization and conservationist include nutrition, pasture care, stable and livestock management.